The beach of truth

Love lights
in the light

And gives a kiss
to the people

By its small lips
love speaks

Three words defines
to the seashore

Companionship, friendship
and return

The water carries the message
on shore of every gaze

Then a kiss writes our words
with the passion of our spiritual youth

Yannis Politopoulos

The Alien

Arrived by chance on earth
seeking for serenity

But he found war, violence
and blind hatred

Where did I come father?
wondered silently

And only with the edge of
his one eye
he saw children of all races

And he said:
"I'll stay for the children."

Because love
has no origin

Come on alien,
there are still people
that will help you

They are a few
but they have great soul

Yannis Politopoulos


Up there
over the sea
of your dreams

Up there
between the planets
of your thoughts

There is
the living dream
of your feelings

So let the others
the little of your truth

I have the words
you have the dream
together we have the feelings

Our world is vast
but our feelings are universal

Yannis Politopoulos

Στον ορίζοντα της Ποίησης

Στο χείλος του ορίζοντα
η ανατολή του άλφα
η δύση του ωμέγα

Σα φιλία παλιά
που αποβραδίς αθέτησε
το φεγγάρι της
βόρεια του πελάγους
νότια του δάσους

Κι ο άνεμος φυσά προς όλες
τις κατευθύνσεις
κι ακούει η αναμονή
την ανίατη ομορφιά της

Γιάννης Πολιτόπουλος

When my students become poem

The sunlight loves
my students

Spring loves
their feelings

My role is
to teach them phrases

How beautiful are
their questions

And how nice is
when they don't need me anymore

Because they have learned
my words

And because they have my teaching
in their hearts

Yannis Politopoulos