Friendly vastness

The writing is the road
to my friends

By writing I touch their souls
even if their bodies
are so far away

The  words, thoughts,
common emotions, unite us

In these verses
each letter is a breath
of their lips

As words
caress their looks
a light is born on our roads

Look therefore
friendship won every distance

The sun now rises
in the eyes of all of us

Yannis Politopoulos

The bridge of miracles

A memory creates
a dream

A feeling creates
a friendship

A thought generates
a family

A look ignores
a present

As feelings swim
words create the bridge of miracles

Yannis Politopoulos

The smile of love

By a word
the world grows

By a note
life beautifies

By a feeling
the future is born

By a friendship
humanity blooms

One love
enriches the planet

There is no
other choise

There are only
our clasped hands

So beautiful love is
that future is smiling to us

Yannis Politopoulos