Friends in my look

My language
can write for everyone

My voice
can hymn everybody

My love
can translate everything

My memory
can touch anything

It is because
I am something of all

What else can I teach
but the truth of real love

So today I swim
by my friends in the sea of future

Yannis Politopoulos

The spirit of silence

(to our friend Matthew in Australia)

The idea of nothing
lost her meaning

The memory of everything
lost his silence

The feeling of existing
lost his feelings

So only a real dream
creates it's passion

Through our moments of confusion
our spirit can feel the unknown nothing

For a day of spiritual
we must stop the dialogs

Only the day of full silence
can save the world

Yannis Politopoulos

The kiss of knowledge

(Fora a book by our friend Petra M. Jansen) 

As soon as she pronounced his name
the sky smiled

As soon as he wrote her name
the sea chilled

By their first kiss
the wind stopped blowing

And when they looked at each others eyes
the words narrated their story

And the duration of one kiss
became a century of repeated love

And even the clouds smiled
in front of the reciprocity of their common future

Because the love is knowledge
sent by god
and eternal future

Yannis Politopoulos

The kiss of the sea

          It’s a hot noon at the middle of the summer. The adults are resting in the shadow or in the depth of their rooms.
          A child though can’t relax. As he thinks that the world is usually unfair. Because he recently saw the refugees children that have lived the war and not having food or toys and much more than this, no future. 
          The child doesn’t know and he doesn’t want to know who is responsible for the word’s inhumanities. He knows that it’s all our fault.
          And as his thought seems to stop, a tear drops from his right eye and he desides to sneak into the sea and get into it’s body.
          As he believes that the sea can give at least a temporary solution.
          And he does that. With no hesitation. And with no sun protection. The child knows that the sun loves him.
          Wearing the bath suit that his grandpa bought to  him with his saving money, dives into the body of the blue sea.
          And then he feels the sea kissing him with it’s watering lips.
          It’s that moment, where his dive starts, that the child understands that when the day of the universal kiss arrives, life will start from the beginning.
          And then the happiness will be forever. Because the “forever” is the look of the children.

Yannis Politopoulos