Rock and Roll

Elvis Presley writes a smile
over the rainbow

Beatles sing a future
under the sun

Rolling Stones create a hymn
through the history

Bob Dylan travels memory
with the carpet of humanism

Led Zeppelin carry a smile
under our souls

Doors play the sunlight
to unite the nations

Pink Floyd create eclipse
of the history of harmony

Janis Joplin travels us there
where Jimi Hendrix makes
the land of eternity

And all the others
here in earth or in heaven
- all importants -
who still travel us
to the words of feelings

Yannis Politopoulos

Η άυλη γραφή

Στιγμή της μιας ανάσας
η αγάπη

Κάθε φορά στην αγκαλιά
του φεγγαριού

Σαν την προφορά φωτός
στο βλέμμα

Όπως ο ναύλος άυλης

Στη  μνήμη άγουρης

Μονολογώντας ύλη
στο σύμπαν

Για την αιώνια στιγμή
ενός φιλιού αμέτρητου

Χωρίς ρήματα
προς τη σαγήνη του αύριο

Γιάννης Πολιτόπουλος


In the embrace of flowers
a kiss blooms

In coastal look
one love is born

With the kiss of nature
children are traveling

For where are sailing
the children's eyes

Once the sun sweeps the land
two hands come together

In the world's countries
a small poem travels

What a pity not to believe
that poetry can
change the world

And it will be a sweet May
when love overpasses
all disputes

Oh, people listen to children
that love their friends
to take them on a trip to infinity

Yannis Politopoulos

The living couple

to our friends all over the world, 

Through her eyes
a woman creates love

Through her hands
a man creates destiny

Every time a kiss borns
nature takes a chance

Beneath their footsteps
kids rename the silence

In every place where
their friends exist
a couple of friends grows

Yannis Politopoulos