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Παρασκευή, 1 Απριλίου 2016

The reflection

The truth is the light
of our eyes

Love is the food
of our soul

The thought is the writing
of our treasures

As idols seem
The words of the future

As breaths climb
the thoughts of desires

And it comes as a harbinger
of knowledge
a journey in the consciousness
of our sequences

Yannis Politopoulos

5 σχόλια:

MARTY είπε...

the light between the clouds and the roofs
and always your beautiful words of love and

Irene είπε...

Gorgeous light ... and the clouds are amazing!


Bob Bushell είπε...

Each is a poem, reflection in my eyes. Brilliant Yannis.

Al είπε...

Nice poem, and I love the city-and-skyscape. Have a wonderful weekend!

ANITA είπε...

Pretty pretty !