The future is now

In the embrace of friends'

In the sunbeam of thoughts
of the family

In the seas of words
of the visitors

A new year blooms
on its golden wings

What endless joy
to love so many friends
for another year

And since this New Year
I will love all forever
at the sea of the common friendship

Yannis Politopoulos

Hymn to fellows

                                                                                              to Bob Dylan,

Took again her blue road
the love

With a soft wind costume
she is traveling us

And we are all one family
in every thought

Since love always is installed
in our common glance

And since our lips believe
in the same eternity.

And nothing can stop
the light of
the common kiss of our lips

Yannis Politopoulos

The celebration of writing

The hands - he said - is
the soul of writing

When the mind sparkles
palms are dancing

To blossom writing
under the gaze of silence

Because the sequence of words
consumes our meetings

Until love passes
from the sandland  of emotions

And then the words are born again
dancing in the aura of looks

We may be mortals
but we can create eternities

Yannis Politopoulos

The magic look

A peak of joy accompanies
the memory

It's breath that is smiling
to your look

And  lips are alone
within sentences

Because stranger friends
come with joy

To give shape
in verbal caresses of the next morning

As it is  usual for years
in the corners of my words

So we never exist alone
in winter roads

So it is true
that our looks are united

Yannis Politopoulos