The winner of the March 2011 VoicesNet Writing Contest is "The Look of the Rain", a short story by Yannis Apostolos Politopoulos of Greece.

Βράδυ. Ένα μικρό φως ταλαντεύεται για λίγο στο σκοτάδι. Κύματα οι διαβάτες στην προκυμαία. Σε λίγο η πανσέληνος διαχέεται στην ακροθαλασσιά. Γυμνή νυκτωδία σωπαίνει τη πλάση. Σα φιλί άλλης εποχής. Σιωπηλό, έντιμο, βέβαιο για τη δύναμή του. Άξαφνα, ένα ανθρώπινο χέρι γράφει :

Παρασκευή, 13 Νοεμβρίου 2015

The journey of the response

Autumn afternoon in the coastal gaze commitment.
The writing speaks of one woman with look subtle and  thoughts of alternative loneliness.
This is the woman of indeterminate age, which paced near the big port ignoring even what to seek and to what primary spring gaze is heading.
Monogram are her eyes and yet the glow of their beauty is manifold.
The woman herself seems experiencing this text having written a similar for an unknown man.
Even the script ignores the evolution of the plot of the fictional construct of thought, until suddenly the dreamy writing of a virtual world is garmenting the gaze with the first appearance of this circumstance text.
But even that stops abruptly demanding to check every true plot in spacetime. This is when the silence intervenes and returns the life of writing of people in their most productive start.

Yannis Politopoulos

6 σχόλια:

  1. thank you for your support ! it happened something we couldn't imagine ! so crazy, so sad !!
    thanks to you

  2. I enjoyed reading your words dear Yannis, this woman of indeterminate age could very well be me.
    Warm greetings dear friend.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Great writing - that's something I certainly don't have the ability for. Technical documents is the best I can do. But you have a way with words!

  4. This is the trouble in our world, doesn't everybody want peace?

  5. Dear Mr. Yannis

    I was touched by your greeting which I treasure the most. You love my art, and I love your poetry. I am glad that we are friends and both leading creative lives.

    In a corner of memories, you speak gentle poems of hope love and friendship.

    Have a truly wonderful day!


  6. Very nice said Yannis!I wish for you and family a very good weekend:)))))