Through the silence

A lamp is flying
through the heart

A smile is carrying
a dream of love waves

Then something smiles

The destiny of poetry
is coming using the sea of feelings

In her eyes
art is reading the dreams

As it always happens
to the book of the next silence

Yannis Politopoulos

4 σχόλια:

  1. through the silence
    I come to wish you
    a wonderful weekend

  2. Beautiful words drift through the silence, thank you dear Yannis and Vania.
    Happy weekend.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. It's a beautiful poem as always

    Chun from New Jersey
    Greetings Mr. Yannis!

  4. The silence is best, Silence is gold. You have found so perfectly the inmost of the silence in your poem. I liked.