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Σάββατο, 8 Αυγούστου 2015

Writing is my life

I never spent
even one day without writing

Consider that little bit,
the least I can

Because the combination of words
is  my whole life

And really God,
thank you for the little I can

Yannis Politopoulos

My father is

the coasts of the moon.

Apostolos Politopoulos

9 σχόλια:

Patricia είπε...

Is really good to do what you love. Life is so short we have to enjoy it as much as we can, right? Loved the video.

CÉU είπε...

Hello, Yannis!

what an interesting, excelent and complete blog!Ffamily and friends, in photos. Good!

I'm a Portuguese woman, and I don't know how to speak and write English Language, very weell, but I prefer to read what you write in Englih, than using the tradutor.

I have the same opinion of you. I need writing everyday, so my right hand isn't well, because writing so much.

Writing, is a miracle and a necessity for some persons. We should say thanks my God, as you wrote!

I liked what you vrote, very much. Congratulations!

The vídeo is very agreable. I don't know this band.

Good week-end.

See you.

PS: if you came to my blog, don't be "affraid", because it has a tradutor, too. Thanks!

Anita Collins είπε...

Yannis I'm so glad I found you, through Richard. :)

CÉU είπε...

Dear Yannis!

Thanks for your visit and kind commentary.

Do you heard the vídeo, that is in my blog, at the buttom? It's a french song, but it is sung by Barbara Streisand in english.

Good sunday.

Hugs for you, your wife and children.

Al είπε...

I'm glad you write, as I enjoy reading your writings. And your photo today is so pretty!

For your previous post, Ella is my favorite female singer, she is amazing.

ANITA είπε...


Beautiful poeam!!

Καλὸ ἀπόγευμα!

Greetings Anita

dianne είπε...

A beautiful image and poem dear Yannis.
Thank you for your kind words at my blog, you are a lovely man!
Sorry I haven't been visiting but I have been sick again and have not felt well enough to do much at all.
Warm wishes
xoxoxo ♡

CÉU είπε...

Hello, Yannis!

Are you fine? I know that in Grece is two hors more than in Portugal. Perhaps, you already sleep. Good dreams!

Thanks for vour visits, without words.


Existe Sempre Um Lugar είπε...

Bom dia, excelente o que escreve e o seu dom no que consegue.