Detecting light

They say children
do not know much

They say children
they do not know how to read

They say children
they do not want to study

But children
love reading

But children
looking for the writing

Yet children
express their aspirations

When the adults love the caress of knowledge
children approach in its ports

Yannis Politopoulos

The poem of poems

A child in the sea
swims to the rhythm of happiness

And is in its memory
the children around the world

Because its heart
is a sky  of love

And the words touch
the blue gaze

And the dreams sing
for the look of all children

Because poetry is
the look of the children

Yannis Politopoulos

The kiss of eternity

to my wife Vania,

The man
and his summer wish

The woman
and her embrace of summer

So much beauty
in the common sea of their looks

The man
and his poems

The woman
and her songs

While dreams come true
at the point of their lips 
that love beautifies

Yannis Politopoulos