Roads of words
Rivers of eyes
Pictures of eye
that overlook the universe

Eyelids thoughts
Smiles of memories
Moments of consciousness
whitch are shortening the infinity

Feelings of courtesy
Uniqueness dreams
Uninvited  hours of season
that adding friendships

The creation is the future
of the multidimensional world

Yannis Politopoulos

The memory of the future

Watch of love
show us the future

Radio of friendship
sing our memory

Camera of friends
photograph ourfeelings

Memory is the first day of the future

The past is
the future of present

In every corner of the earth
love smiles

Too bad some people think
that poetry is only words

Poetry is a way of life

Yannis Politopoulos


to my wife,

At the edge of poetry
a writing celebrates love

In the middle of the music
a note writes a kiss

As in the middle of the gaze
a couple of ideas shine

Because a life of dreams is coming
to the fields of mind

So the embrace calms down
initializing   my only love

Vania, as sing her lips
to the beaches of my writing

Yannis Politopoulos