Spring love

joined to light

bringing love

embracing the future

So many emotions
uniting children around the world

Touching hands
that illuminates the future

Steps in love
filled dreams

Thoughts in looks
loving the whole universe

How beautiful is kissing the Spring
the music that sings the sun of childhood

Yannis Politopoulos

Night trip

Moon of Spring
in the arms of looks

Little cloud
on abstinence search

Wide love
to the breath of cyclamen

A thought is dreaming her sea

Brothers of Earth
in the bays of emotions

Friends of other sites
in the heart of dreams

Classmates panhuman
in the clouds of infinity

A feeling unites our new day

Yannis Politopoulos

The books they read our life

The lyricism
and the breath of his words

The movement
and reciprocity of looks

and footsteps in the future

a book
travels to the look of the road

The promise
and the realization of dreams of

the message
and the love of its reciprocity

the tale
and the depths of his worship

The arts made the world
have past for its future

Yannis Politopoulos