The call of the sea

Near the coast
the gaze calms

In the water
the thought reborn

Because the sea
is soul

And the solitude
all avoid it

Only a small wave
dares to touch her

Oh, why people
they forget about me?
wonders the sea

But i don't  give up to them ,
complains the sea

It is high time
- says the ocean -
to learn that I don't exist
only for their sake

Every man in his poetry
should include  the sea
as an indication of love

Because the nature gives us birth
every time we love

Yannis Politopoulos

Look mottled of books

When the words marching
when feelings bloom
books tear

Those times when friends meet each other
the moments that thoughts dream
books shall initial of our love

As apears life on their pages
as attached dreams to their pictures
books waving their meaning

Since their eternity surpasses
the human limits

Children are right to say:
"every book and one beach of my dreams"

As a song of spring the book is blooming

Yannis Politopoulos

Travel to the beaches of languages

Το βλέμμα του ουρανού

Πρώτα η θάλασσα
της αγάπης

Πρώτα το βλέμμα
της φιλίας

Έπειτα η επιθυμία
της επιστροφής

Σε δεύτεο χρόνο
η ανάμνηση

Στη δεύτερη σκέψη
η ανάμνηση

Κάθε στιγμή
και το μέλλον
του παρελθόντος της

* * *

The destination

A land of words
ignores the spirit

A land of passion
loves the harmony

And a smile of future
looks the brightness

A treasure of words
waits to be loved
by our imagination

* * *

La rivière de la mémoire

Plages de rêve
a regard

Vents des promesses
au point

Plaines des émotions
au mouvement

Chaque mémoire
et les plages de ses poètes

Yannis Politopoulos

The love that unites

In a beach love
a boy from Germany
overlooks the steps of a girl from South Africa

In a kiss mountain
a girl from Finland
smiling at a boy from Australia

In a dream plain
a boy from Russia
spreads his smile to a girl from Mexico

Besides children nothing separates

In a river caress
a boy from Greece
singing to a girl from Brazil

In a memory cape
a girl from China
touches the look of a boy from Canada

In a love island
a boy from the United States of America
singing to a girl from Serbia

Because only love unites the children

And every teacher should feel
that all the world's children
are students of his own chastity

Yannis Politopoulos