The winner of the March 2011 VoicesNet Writing Contest is "The Look of the Rain", a short story by Yannis Apostolos Politopoulos of Greece.

Βράδυ. Ένα μικρό φως ταλαντεύεται για λίγο στο σκοτάδι. Κύματα οι διαβάτες στην προκυμαία. Σε λίγο η πανσέληνος διαχέεται στην ακροθαλασσιά. Γυμνή νυκτωδία σωπαίνει τη πλάση. Σα φιλί άλλης εποχής. Σιωπηλό, έντιμο, βέβαιο για τη δύναμή του. Άξαφνα, ένα ανθρώπινο χέρι γράφει :

Παρασκευή, 2 Ιανουαρίου 2015

The snow in their look

In the embrace of the neighborhood
flakes scatter their love

In the eyes of people
thoughts are mirrored the friendship

Since come the whitewashed rays
people receive the white-path

Because it is snowing at the crossroads
but their hearts are warmed by friendship

Since only the pure feelings
fits all seasons

Let us loved on the terrace
of our thoughts
And let's sing with the lips
of the snow

Yannis Politopoulos

5 σχόλια:

  1. Your words are beautiful in translation, Yannis! I can only imagine how beautiful they are in your native language. I so wish I could know....Wishing you and your family, and your students a beautiful, happy, healthy New Year, my friend! xo Karen

  2. Beautiful words dear Yannis and a lovely image. The snow looks wonderful, it would be so cool and refreshing. The temperature yesterday here in Sydney where I live was well above 30 degrees C and the humidity was 75%, so the snow looks very inviting to me. :)
    Big hugs
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Yes, friendship and love will warm the coldest day. Have a wonderful 2015, Yannis!

  4. snow in the city ! beautiful happy image and nice words !
    Yannis, for you and yours, I wish the best !

  5. Beautiful my dear friend!
    Yannis,Ihope from my heart all is good with you and family:)))