The country of looks

As a dream blooms
the laughter

As a boat travels
the look

Like a voice promises
the hand

At a distance of caress
breathes memory

And is his only

And is invisible
the conversation

And is sweet
the offer

At the sea of a kiss
is dreaming the humanity

Yannis Politopoulos

Night love

In the park of dreams
light is love

Mostly the quiet nights
illuminate the words

Sometimes also the words
speak in the dark

Only people expect the sound of love

As dawns sweet
a poem is crying on the edge of a dream

And then a sea
swirls the feelings of children

But do not any more are taught loves south of the future

Besides literally true the people
in the bays of their desires

Why proposals leaped anymore
the breath of the unexpected

Yannis Politopoulos

The snow in their look

In the embrace of the neighborhood
flakes scatter their love

In the eyes of people
thoughts are mirrored the friendship

Since come the whitewashed rays
people receive the white-path

Because it is snowing at the crossroads
but their hearts are warmed by friendship

Since only the pure feelings
fits all seasons

Let us loved on the terrace
of our thoughts
And let's sing with the lips
of the snow

Yannis Politopoulos