The future is now

In the embrace of friends'

In the sunbeam of thoughts
of the family

In the seas of words
of the visitors

A new year blooms
on its golden wings

What endless joy
to love so many friends
for another year

And since this New Year
I will love all forever
at the sea of the common friendship

Yannis Politopoulos

Hymn to fellows

                                                                                              to Bob Dylan,

Took again her blue road
the love

With a soft wind costume
she is traveling us

And we are all one family
in every thought

Since love always is installed
in our common glance

And since our lips believe
in the same eternity.

And nothing can stop
the light of
the common kiss of our lips

Yannis Politopoulos

The celebration of writing

The hands - he said - is
the soul of writing

When the mind sparkles
palms are dancing

To blossom writing
under the gaze of silence

Because the sequence of words
consumes our meetings

Until love passes
from the sandland  of emotions

And then the words are born again
dancing in the aura of looks

We may be mortals
but we can create eternities

Yannis Politopoulos

The magic look

A peak of joy accompanies
the memory

It's breath that is smiling
to your look

And  lips are alone
within sentences

Because stranger friends
come with joy

To give shape
in verbal caresses of the next morning

As it is  usual for years
in the corners of my words

So we never exist alone
in winter roads

So it is true
that our looks are united

Yannis Politopoulos

Refraction of love

In the embrace of the words,
the thoughts,
the dreams

To the caress of the wind,
the beauty,
the love

In the footsteps of music,
of writing,
of painting

And enen with ignorance
the camaraderie is born

In the single logic of the world
creation is everlasting love

Listen, music spreads in our words
when they meet  yours
in every corner of our planet

Yannis Politopoulos

The journey of the response

Autumn afternoon in the coastal gaze commitment.
The writing speaks of one woman with look subtle and  thoughts of alternative loneliness.
This is the woman of indeterminate age, which paced near the big port ignoring even what to seek and to what primary spring gaze is heading.
Monogram are her eyes and yet the glow of their beauty is manifold.
The woman herself seems experiencing this text having written a similar for an unknown man.
Even the script ignores the evolution of the plot of the fictional construct of thought, until suddenly the dreamy writing of a virtual world is garmenting the gaze with the first appearance of this circumstance text.
But even that stops abruptly demanding to check every true plot in spacetime. This is when the silence intervenes and returns the life of writing of people in their most productive start.

Yannis Politopoulos

The starlight

When it rains, the sky often seems immersed in an otherworldly contemplation.
Then it seems to me that only a poem can describe exactly what the heavenly sea feels.
But this heavenly writing remains lonely even in her random socialization.
Those moments take action the routes of stary lights, which mold the called starlight.
To thus created the first emblem of the myth of the stars, which even silently are seeking the common text of the universe.
Besides, when the sky cries with rain, a small text grows and instills its meaning to human eyes.
Besides, nothing surprising does happen, it suffices to consider the lives of legends where stars instill the feelings of our existences.
After all, the starlight is a true happiness.
I felt it, I see it, I will enjoy it forever.

Yannis Politopoulos

Through the silence

A lamp is flying
through the heart

A smile is carrying
a dream of love waves

Then something smiles

The destiny of poetry
is coming using the sea of feelings

In her eyes
art is reading the dreams

As it always happens
to the book of the next silence

Yannis Politopoulos

From Poetry to Life

A thought is crying
through the fields of heart

A smile is swimming
through the eyes of truth

A feeling is running
through the silence of mind

Then suddenly a couple is lying
to the memory of future

And the truth is getting stronger
as words are running to the road of atmosphere

Yannis Politopoulos

Traveling to friends

to my wife Vania
and my son Apostolo

The small but so great word found the right occasion a warm autumn afternoon.
From Vania's sweet lips started without anybody being aware of and began to travel in every corner of this beloved blog.
It was the word friendship, which for centuries is one of the most powerful forces of human life.
On her lips  the word always had Vania's beloved combinations  as friendship, eternal friendship, unique friendship and mythistorical friendship.
The word needed only a few hours to reach every corner of the planet and to wish everyone something for one of the most important events of human existence.
Besides, so happens with all pure words. They are traveling in the body, the spirit and soul of the people.
Because the universe is infinite, because the human mind is infinite.
As for the word friendship, it constantly returns to Vania's lips and from there to my writing.

Yannis Politopoulos

The touch of glance

         The rain has just stopped, when the woman’s glance traveled to the edge of the sea for the first time. There, where at the previous nights dream was placed the glance of the end of one mans loneliness.
          Now, the woman was trying to kiss by her glance the future that her own life had promised to her.
          Almost at the same time the man was standing at the same edge of the sea, hopping that luck could offer him at last a unique love.
          They were both leading actors of a story without knowing it. Of a story witch the life itself was filming.
          Suddenly, the man first felt the desire to look straight into the eyes of the woman, and he did so, by sending a glance to caress her eyes.
          The woman sensed immediately that the end of a handsome man’s loneliness penetrate her. And she accepted the man’s look by extending her hand to the side of the man’s glance coming.
          To the touch of their love looks the light autumn wind started transporting the suspicion of their first internal caress to the edge of the eternal summer of their life.
          And even the rain slept away, understanding that the infatuation was turning into love.
          And love is the leader demonstration of the universe.  

Yannis Politopoulos

The eternal reading

How  melodic
is the reading

How much beauty exists
on pages

And no one reads
only with the eyes

Because reading is
child of the soul

All the riches of the world
if they give me
I prefer the books

Because the books are
the beach of my own

Yannis Politopoulos

Back to reading

At the edge of sight
dances love

By the seashore of the soul
billows the friendship

In the eyes of the book
beautifies the world

As life goes
one thought unites us all

As long as study blooms
our children are changing the world

Until clarity speaks
by the lips of the spirit

Yannis Politopoulos

A cloud piece

The sky of writing
is immense

The journey of clouds
it is poetic

Because the sun still talks
to the look of reading

What a pity that some big guys
forget their childhood

But the little cloud
rejoices as a child
the look of children

And is a school for all of us
each piece of nature

Yannis Politopoulos

Universal love

And suddenly the poetic writing
turn into light

And in seconds the light spread
in the land of love

In Asia the light
sang the future

In America the light
caressed the past
In Africa the light
smiled at the present

In Oceania the light
mapped the memory

In Europe, the light
prepared the companionship

In the two poles the light
kissed the eternity

And then the entire Earth
wept with joy to the lips of everyone

Yannis Politopoulos

Detecting light

They say children
do not know much

They say children
they do not know how to read

They say children
they do not want to study

But children
love reading

But children
looking for the writing

Yet children
express their aspirations

When the adults love the caress of knowledge
children approach in its ports

Yannis Politopoulos

The poem of poems

A child in the sea
swims to the rhythm of happiness

And is in its memory
the children around the world

Because its heart
is a sky  of love

And the words touch
the blue gaze

And the dreams sing
for the look of all children

Because poetry is
the look of the children

Yannis Politopoulos

The kiss of eternity

to my wife Vania,

The man
and his summer wish

The woman
and her embrace of summer

So much beauty
in the common sea of their looks

The man
and his poems

The woman
and her songs

While dreams come true
at the point of their lips 
that love beautifies

Yannis Politopoulos

The miracle

When the beach has spoken
the girl smiled

When the sun wept light
the boy smiled

And when the wind smiled
children dreamed together the future

Because it is a miracle the nature
when it sees children

As it is a dream the look
when seeking the common elements

Since the love is creating her flag 
by the caress of a kiss

Yannis Politopoulos

The sun of baby steps

One-word hints
of youth

Sunny memories
of dreams

And one love to the wind caresses

So many crowds of memory
to the light

So many word groups
on the school bags

Oh, how the sun is embellished
when it is seen by children's steps

Books,  tell the truth to the children:
every caress is a look of them

Yannis Politopoulos

Ο ήλιος των παιδιών

Κάτω από το βλέμμα του ήλιου
ένα παιδί παίζει με το φως

Κι είναι τα βήματά του
όνειρα ενός μαγικού μέλλοντος

Αφού κι η θάλασσα ακόμη
για κάθε παιδί ανασαίνει

Έτσι το αεράκι που μεσολαβεί
ανοίγει την πόρτα του μέλλοντος

Ώστε καρφιτσώνονται στις άκρες της μνήμης
οι γαλάζιες εποχές των παιδικών επιθυμιών

Κάθε κυματισμός της θάλασσας
και μία ανάσα των φίλων μας

Γιάννης Πολιτόπουλος

Summer pure love

The boy from Finland
plunged into the blue sea

The girl from Italy
walked in the hot sand

And when their looks met
a whole new world was born

With their first look
thousands of kilometers were forgotten

And immediately began the union
to travel to the Mediterranean sea

Because is it so simple and pure
for children to be joined together

But what happens to people growing up?

Fortunately there will always be children!

Yannis Politopoulos


Through the years
a poem creates the future

Through the words
a kiss translates the destiny

Through the sea
a smile laughs to our students

Because my students
are miracles from the land of my soul

Yannis Politopoulos

The journey of a thought

Beaches of looks
sing the future

Fields of emotions
read the present

Highlands of smiles
embrace the past

And a children's thinking
departs for infinity

Ah, universe, how small you are
for the thought of a child
wishing to travel forever

Yannis Politopoulos

The journey of love

In a small beach
love illuminates the future

In a sheltered valley
love touches the eyes

In an enormous mountain
the love is watching the sky

But mostly the eyes of young
love beautifies sunsets

So beautiful is the love
that looks are smiling with happiness

As is the case of the words of my friends
who so lovingly offer their thoughts
to the look of my family
and my students

And it is true that we love them all
in each glance of the sea of our friendship

Yannis Politopoulos

In love of nature

And beauty
wants her season

What about Love
that is looking lips

And spring
she communicates with her look

Because when the spring travels
our gaze kisses the sun

Because when the spring ends
summer sings our lips

And so people - like children -
orchestrate the music of nature

Yannis Politopoulos

The planet of love

Though there are diversities
let it be of love only

And if there is past
let's just keep the lessons

And if you kept memories
let it be just internal

Because the past unites us edge
to side with the look of the sky

Let us love whatever divides us
since the universe is waiting for us

What other happiness to give our children
by a planet of pure love

Look at the sun, because there breathes
the first day of the future

Yannis Politopoulos


Roads of words
Rivers of eyes
Pictures of eye
that overlook the universe

Eyelids thoughts
Smiles of memories
Moments of consciousness
whitch are shortening the infinity

Feelings of courtesy
Uniqueness dreams
Uninvited  hours of season
that adding friendships

The creation is the future
of the multidimensional world

Yannis Politopoulos