The sky writes

On beaches of thoughts
the words swim

In desires trails
phrases fly

In the mountains of dreams
proposals travel

At the same time the sky writes
the works of children growing

And all become souls forever
in the future of their common love

Only the blind soul
can not see the heavenly writing

Yannis Politopoulos

On the planet of love

A summer fantasy
the hands of winter

A spring-dialogue
the lips ofAutumn

A bit of logic
with the games of emotions

But a feeling of centuries
the dreams of children

Then the prose
cried of joy
in the arms of poetry

And kissed with chastity
those who love
completely and eternally

Yannis Politopoulos

The poetry of nature

A love sea
watching the love

An ethereal lighting
touching the memory

An earthly harmony
calms down the mind

Let us be loved then
dreams are not waiting
life flows through the eyes

Love is strengthened by the words
which interrupt the silence
of my favorite visitors

At the pure look of all of us
blows the blue summer
of our childish soul

Yannis Politopoulos