Feminine reading

On the shores of the gaze
illuminates the knowledge

In the clarity of will
raise the fullness

In the inner life
multiply love

On the occasion of the books
children seeking their world

Besides never femininity
did not deny the pleasure of proposals

To create the bright flare
of the true beauty of a beautiful girl

Since every girl shines
since every boy dreams
and we as older we are pleased 
about all children

Yannis Politopoulos

A hand illuminates the world

The ship of writing
and seas of its dreams

The train of thoughts
and rails of his habits

The car of reading
and the streets of its emotions

The plane of love
and flights of its desires

What handsome is written the world
when all lead to love

No more requirements

No concern to anymore disagreements

Do not argue anymore the desires

There is now the hand of writing
which illuminates the world

Loved in the vastness of your looks

Yannis Politopoulos

The beauty of love

From the first kiss of spring
by winter hugs

And from the ultimate sea voyage
of looks up to the lips of mountains

In all places, in all thoughts
we were traveling by the love of friends

And it is worth waiting sweetly
by the harbor of feelings

Come visitors
love your words
as we love your hands
so spread like stars
in the look of all of us

And let our hearts be filled with tenderness
because only ourselves can do the impossible

Yannis Politopoulos