Autumn in Europe

The fairytale mountains of Norway
the silky rivers of France
the fellow shores of Denmark

How vast the world

The tender plains of Holland
the magical coast of England
the natural caresses of Germany

How beautiful people

On the enchanting ports of Spain
in the snowy caresses of Finland
to the unexpectedly breezes in Sweden

How many natural miracles

The traditional houses of Poland
the cheerful Museums of Austria
the sea looks of Portugal

How many smiles in our eyes

And all those favorite items
of all countries of the world
where the place of a small poem does not fit
because is vast beauty of all
and unites us forever

Yannis Politopoulos

4 σχόλια:

  1. the world is beautiful, so beautiful and never we will see all these beauties ! but in the eyes we can read happiness and that makes the world so nice !

  2. Autumn is everywere so beautiful, mostly so colorful.
    Lovely poem, You wrote so nice about every countries. I liked you word - snowy caress.I think too, we live here in the north in the snowy caresses during many months.

  3. There are so many beautiful people and places in this world - a world full of love for those who can see.... You have described these places so beautifully, Yannis - wishing you and your dear ones a happy week! xo Karen

  4. Lieber Yannis,

    dieses Gedicht zeigt die Verbundenheit aller. Es braucht dazu gute Menschen, Menschen, die fühlen können, Menschen reinen Herzens, Menschen mit Augen für die Schönheit, Menschen mit Seele.....

    Ein wundervoller Text

    Dir eine ganz feine Zeit
    und Herzensgrüße