Autumn in Europe

The fairytale mountains of Norway
the silky rivers of France
the fellow shores of Denmark

How vast the world

The tender plains of Holland
the magical coast of England
the natural caresses of Germany

How beautiful people

On the enchanting ports of Spain
in the snowy caresses of Finland
to the unexpectedly breezes in Sweden

How many natural miracles

The traditional houses of Poland
the cheerful Museums of Austria
the sea looks of Portugal

How many smiles in our eyes

And all those favorite items
of all countries of the world
where the place of a small poem does not fit
because is vast beauty of all
and unites us forever

Yannis Politopoulos

The breath of writing

It starts to dawn sweet
the day of love

Many kisses are traveling again
to the sea of joy

And the breath of writing flies
to the children faces 

How beautiful really is life
when thoughts bloom into light

Especially when the Internet becomes the occasion
to the road of friendship

Since writing in common areas
the hands of each friendly breath

Until the eyes define
the cape of writing

Yannis Politopoulos

The fertile switch

From the boy's eyes
to the lips of the girl

And from the memory of the girl
to the look of the boy

A whole world of of purity
illuminates the future

Since easily rolls memory
when children create love

Besides switching blooms
on the shores of their looks

So the little kiss that is now born
in sediments of the poem
already touches the future 
of the young students

So we step aside cheerful
to the advent of the children 
that leads to the purity

Yannis Politopoulos

The values of life

From the light of speech
from the opening of vision
the horizon is multipling

As imagination travels
the logic

As the dream embraces
the invincible love

So blooms solidarity
Love that irrigates the look
in the country of values

Because eternity smells
because dignity grows
in all directions of the infinity

Throughout the world the wind of love blows
in all directions

And it is a common sight of people
since their children adore the same light

Yannis Politopoulos