Within kiss

When the words come
to the lips of writing
a kiss is born

Then all times resemble
blue and eternal

As they bow to the light
childhood wishes
sing a thousand words

And are the proposals beloved
within kiss

Besides caresses are traveling
in distant constellations
touching each seashore

So parents gladly bow
to the friendships of adolescents

Yannis Politopoulos

The music of love

On the lips of a harmonica
music poetry travels

In the eyes of a river
notes are dancing unstoppable

And in the hands of heaven
guitars are traveling in looks

It's just the music of love

In the harmonica of lakes
illuminates blue song

On guitar of the plains
travels green desire

And on the bass of the mountains
weave feelings all lovers

Yannis Politopoulos

Secret happiness

In the eyes of the man
light travels

Beside the look of the woman
the day is smiling

And when eyes kiss
one another
glowing happiness on their lips

As is born again love
pure like a river
dawning progress in the future horizon

And cries of joy the past
seeing the future singing
in its footsteps  like a child

Yannis Politopoulos