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Σάββατο, 12 Ιουλίου 2014

The ocean of writing

The books are light
Through them words sing

Reading is life
In her eyes ideas are traveling

Writing is magic
In her hands are marching ideas

The notebooks are palms
Over them love writes the future

The typewriter is treasure
In the body of is dancing memory

As the writing in all its aspects
Is the ocean of culture

Yannis Politopoulos

7 σχόλια:

Al είπε...

I love reading, but I've never had much success writing.

dianne είπε...

An inspiring poem dear Yannis, your words flow like the waves on a calm ocean.
xoxoxo ♡

Rachel είπε...

Ja, lieber Yannis,

dies hast du ganz prima im Gedicht zusammen gefasst.
Lesen und Schreiben - für uns so wichtig!!! Gefühle ausdrücken, Träume wagen, lesen, wie andere das Leben meistern - wie reich wir doch sind, weil wir dies alles können und lieben.

Dir ganz von Herzen
liebe Grüße

Marco Luijken είπε...

Wonderful words with a appropriate photo. Well done!!

Best regards,

MARTY είπε...

I like both, reading and writing and I enjoy that every day !
beautiful and right words again !
after a rainy week, summer seems to come back tomorrow here !
wish you a lovely week Yannis

Chun Park είπε...

Dear Mr. Yannis

You always write of love and future
You light up stars in darkness and point them forward
You remind us of everyone that went before us
and the culture and books and stories they left behind
You are like my grandfather
Very enlightened and wise man
My grandfather recently passed away
He sent us letters written in alphabetical Korean
His handwriting was like a calligraphic work of art
His words spoke to his wisdom and his insights
He was also a teacher
Teaching is a noble profession
You are a man that walks with a knowing mind
And the ocean you see is filled with beautiful colors and words

aimarii είπε...

Nice poem, I like and believe too that red typewriter on the chair is the real treasure of yours.