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Παρασκευή, 25 Ιουλίου 2014

The compass of dreams

In the look blows a light of change
as eyes are looking spikes of light

While are marching the finguer toes
and it is like a gift of God the memories

And when everyone is looking what they dream
a compass of dreams leads their love

Because as first learned to love and jibs
humanity remains through the centuries

Besides before someone loves people
precedes love into life itself

Every existence and her dreams
every existence and progress of her poems

The moment a children light rises 
                                  a sea of ​​poems is preparing the future

Yannis Politopoulos

7 σχόλια:

marie είπε...

Υπέροχη ανάρτηση. Το ίδιο και η φωτογραφία που τη συνοδεύει. Να είστε όλοι καλά και να περνάτε όμορφα. Καλό ξημέρωμα.

Νικόλας Τσάρας είπε...

στην πυξίδα της αγάπης και του φωτός φοβερή αναρτηση για ακόμα μια φορά γιάννη καλο απογευμα

MARTY είπε...

I see that thomy is spending nice days, having a drink at the sea !
I wish you all happy holidays !
always your beautiful poems Yannis;
have a lovely weekend

ANITA είπε...

sO LOVELY :)wE HAVE THIS Great weather and all good things (except the treth of terror right now )I do miss the mediterrenian..I think when i get really rich I buy me house in Cypruz..may be in Kerenia :)Thanx also for nice comment on my blog..very happy to see you!Greetings Norway

Al είπε...

Your student's photo is pretty - what a beautiful place to watch the sun go down. And I like the poem.

Irene είπε...

Lovely post! And thanks for visiting.

Wish you a great Sunday!


dianne είπε...

A beautiful photo from your student Thomy, such a lovely sunset.
Your poem is also beautiful dear Yannis.
Warm greetings
xoxoxo ♡