The conveying

In the eyes of a poem
love blooms

In the offer of a child
travels the future

In the compound of small words
sing waves

By the time the memory comes and caresses
the bare words of love

And then it is they bloom the words
and people shine friendship

Since each offer and the words 
which as children are smiling sweet
on the writing of the horizons

Yannis Politopoulos

Long Hot Summer

The warm embrace of the sun
a child glorifies love

In a sea of light
a poet marries his words

On the trail of shells
a mother cares for her children's love

Since the summer lights red
to the worship of emotions

Because they color the light
the secret words of people of the sea

And not another word remains
to the morning sweet lips move

Since a summer kisses love
with the lips of young people who draw the truth
in every corner of the hot summer body

Yannis Politopoulos

The look of writing

The blue morning sea
and the vastness of her syllables

The golden valleys' afternoons
and the beautiful words of their of the sun

The bloodshot afternoons of the mountains
and the sounds of the  casually definitive light

The moonlight evenings of thecoastal rivers
and the dreams which lighten their heavenly peace

As perpetually manifests the writing of the stars
at the look of young children around the world

Without coercion and without orders
that tarnish our dreams

And always is the eternal gaze of writing
which  enthronises the hope in the hearts of everyone
as it oozes its love forever

Because is not a coincidence that the man
as a word existed before in loves' sky
and will be there until the vastness
of eternity

Yannis Politopoulos

Fete de la mere

Ode a Vania

Tes cheveaux brillent
au clair de la lune
de ta bautee
dans la splendeur
d’ ete

je t’ aime

Yannis Politopoulos