The pencil

On the edge
of gaze
On the edge
of writing

In anticipation
of a love
with the persistence
of a proposal
are anxious

Since the pencil
feels the beauty
since pencil
ignores the progress
writing still
the future

On the sidelines
of gaze
in the longing
of the soul
in the myth
of evolution
reading constantly
the love of myths

Yannis Politopoulo

Writing a script

A reminder kiss
an ambiguous smile
all belong to the brilliance of thought

The steps of syllables
the breaths of ordinary thoughts
all spread out in the sea of writing

And are the emotions that speak
and come the alternations who travel
in the bay of the favorite compilation of ideas

With a word smile on the lips
with a serene compound to the eyes of pension
with various syllables who grow up the light
as no notice is not left over to the independence

Yannis Politopoulos

The look of the future

Handmade dreams
the inline lights
all spread out words to light

The cuddly of thoughts
the secrets of the aspirations
all join the looks

The recent notes
the sureties of emotions
all furnishing the adolescence

Because the magical evenings of spring
a human family constellations
beautify the desires of thoughts

Since falling in love the rhythmic proses
and surpluses cuddling
interpreted as not reasonable desires
when the edge of the sea embraces the future

Yannis Politopoulos