ρ δ’ μς οκ ξ σου τν λεγντων τν κρασιν ποιουμνους, λλ τος μν προσχοντας τν νον, τν δ’ οδ τν φωνν νεχομνους. κα θαυμαστν οδν ποιετε• κα γρ τν λλον χρνον εἰώθατε πντας τος λλους κβλλειν, πλν τος συναγορεοντας τας μετραις πιθυμαις.

Σάββατο, 22 Μαρτίου 2014

Spring of Love

Embracing a glance
the love of children blooms

And in the coming of the sun
illuminated the samples raw breaths

As friendships predominate
in the palms of spring

Thus kiss the lips of spring
and love are writing with pencil
in the open palms of spring

Because a lonely kiss
finds the way of two lips
and his life starts loving

Having not done otherwise
when spring loves their soul
writing kisses on the horizon of youth

Yannis Politopoulos

7 σχόλια:

  1. Καλημέρα φίλε μου Γιάννη με ανθισμένα φιλιά, χαμόγελα και αισιοδοξία!!! Σε συγχαίρω για την ανάρτηση σοΥ
    Καλό Σαβ/κο σου εύχομαι

  2. I have been very busy lately. Sorry that I didn't visit your blog as much as I would like to do. I enjoyed reading your posts Yannis. And I will try to be her more often in the future!! :-)

    Greetings from the Netherlands! ;-)
    Gert Jan Hermus

  3. A nice piece that I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  4. romantic image and words !
    spring is time for love !
    happy new week to you and yours

  5. Lovely and poetic words of springtime love - I love the last line...Wishing you and your loved ones springtime joy. xo Karen

  6. Dear Mr. Yannis you've always been in my heart. Yes I am in love with a girl from Ukraine. I have yet to meet her in real life. I hope to visit Ukraine this winter if the political situation stabilizes. It's always a great joy to read your poems... they inspire me to do many things in art. I hope to visit you in Greece one day. Greetings from America

  7. Lieber Yannis,

    so nenn ich Liebe im Frühling, lächel - ein wundervolles Werk!!!

    Dir ein gutes Wochenende
    und grüße an deine Familie

    herzlich, Edith