The breath of writing

In the old notebook winds blow
when words unite the light

In fantasy of dreams give birth to words
when emotions scream

On coastline of thoughts moistens winds
when friendships are born

Since everything happens in the country of writing
with the stary seashores

Because all the glances of love
looking for an opportunity for a bit

So fall in love the words with their combination
with hidden lips kissing
the breath of writing

Yannis Politopoulos

Spring of Love

Embracing a glance
the love of children blooms

And in the coming of the sun
illuminated the samples raw breaths

As friendships predominate
in the palms of spring

Thus kiss the lips of spring
and love are writing with pencil
in the open palms of spring

Because a lonely kiss
finds the way of two lips
and his life starts loving

Having not done otherwise
when spring loves their soul
writing kisses on the horizon of youth

Yannis Politopoulos

The return of the legend

in the memory of Marguerite Duras,

A hug from words
kiss the spring

Two fireflies
brighten the spring

Three inseparable words
sing of springtime

As a book of writing
love strengthens
the sunset of passion

Once converted sweet
the star wishes
in the magical kiss of one love

And indeed brighten the eyes
from the spring of of words
down to the garden of the sea

Besides, people are the reason
for the kiss of spring
which as absolute friendship of God
initializes the coming of the panhuman season

Yannis Politopoulos