A smile brightens the world

And the stars fall in love
and eyes brighten
when words touch lives

Since smiling people
and limitless gush words
from children's hands tips

As life is a festival
and the music laughs
when kisses brighten the nights

And there are no words
there are no songs
which can be compared with a kiss

Only words kiss love
and give the blue future
to the ecstasy  of a childhood dream
which travels to the beaches of life for the first time

Yannis Politopoulos

7 σχόλια:

  1. So beautiful your poem dear Yannis, a kiss is so special and brings happiness to our hearts.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. γιάννη μου σε χαιρετώ ...απόλαυσα να σε διαβάζω και ευχαριστήθηκα και το άκουσμα καλη κυριακή

  3. bonjour Yannis ! beautiful words !
    yes only a smile can make your day
    a kiss your life and a song can bring magic ! it's important to see and feel it !
    happy sunday yannis
    thanks for all

  4. As always Yannis, thank you for your words of wisdom! Also thank you for your recent visit! I hope you & your family are doing well! Peace! :)

  5. Liebe Yannis,

    in deinen Worten findet sich Liebe und Hoffnung. Wundervoll vermagst du dein Inneres auszudrücken.

    Ich umarme dich lieb und wünsche deiner Familie und deinen Schülern alles Gute!!!

    von Herzen,