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Σάββατο, 25 Ιανουαρίου 2014

The unbridled imagination

In the embrace of the words
adjectives kiss love

In the eyes of emotions
nouns illuminate the nights

To the walk of looks
a new continent is born forever

And when memory travels
an ocean immensity laughs

Since  countries love each other
under the sun of the rain

Moreover posts joy
travels to the universe of our thoughts

After friends of online dream
kiss forever the same wind and happy
when dialogue spreads kiss in their hands
who type the sea of friendship

Yannis Politopoulos

The imagination of children

is the best answer to realism of the adults

Vania Gantzou - Politopoulou 

7 σχόλια:

TexWisGirl είπε...

thank you for your kind comment. blessings to you!

Wingfall at dusk είπε...

I love how your words (and pictures) are so full of life and that wonderful joy of youth. Thank you for another beautiful and uplifting post.

dianne είπε...

Beautifully written dear Yannis, our imaginations can take us to many places.
xoxoxo ♡

Rachel είπε...

Lieber Yannis,

das hast du wundervoll geschrieben, gefällt mir sehr!

von der Rachel

Chunbum Park είπε...

I hope you are doing well, Mr. Yannis! Thank you for the poem. I would like to show them to my girlfriend!

Beatrice Euphemie είπε...

Beautiful thoughts, Yannis - I wish the whole world could know the beauty of your peaceful visions. xo Wishing you the best - Karen

MARTY είπε...

I really love your words filled with love and the smiles of your students.
Love Vania's words too !
wish you happy days