A book enlightens the world

The look of words is dancing
in the light of her eyes

The lips of the book quench their thirst
in hers only hands

The glimpses of meanings illuminate
on the edge of her look

As the girl writes forever
the reading of her soul
to the voice of a word that just
has loved her hands 

Yannis Politopoulos

9 σχόλια:

  1. I love reading, and your words capture it nicely. I was shocked at Lou Reed's passing, as I had not been aware that he was sick.

  2. Your blog gives so much ... such beautiful, words, sounds and images. It is always a sensory experience that uplifts me. You're just such a great poet, you truly do inspire. I live for inspiration and often wonder how to put that in words. You've done it. Hope all is well, and that you are feeling as good as your words do. Thank you Yannis!
    Hugs and blessings.

  3. Such lovely thoughts, Yannis, from a poet's soul.
    Lou Reed was a great artist and the world will be much poorer for his passing.
    Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Karen xo

  4. This is truly wonderful, Yannis. I love it and the way you see the world through your heart!

  5. You make the world much more beautiful with your words. Thank you for that!

    Salute from the Netherlands,

  6. In Canada the digital books, Kindle, Kobo are becoming quite popular. The pages may be electronic but the words are the same, the dream is still understood!

    Have a great week my friends. : )

  7. Υπέροχοι οι στίχοι σας όπως πάντα. Εύχομαι να είστε καλά. Ένα όμορφο ξημέρωμα εύχομαι σε όλη την οικογένεια.