Our readers

People who marching
to the magic light of the future

Men who care
not to destroy the memory

Women who love very much
childrens' tomorrow smiles

Children who beautify
with caresses our hearts

And mainly young at heart
that as in an unexpected journey
smile to the look of the sun

It is the readers who love us
just like we love them
writing their name in our hearts

A ray of sunshine to brighten your eyes
and lead the ones you love
to the golden road of love

Yannis Politopoulos

The sunrise of words

Her eyes are
loving the caress of light

Her lips are
who love the kisses of words

Her hands are
who love the humanity supply

Because her hands  create
the verbal life of dreams

Since in her eyes' lightning
two favorite words smile sweetly
facing a poem whitch is born sweetly
painting her future with the joy of the stars

Yannis Politopoulos

A book enlightens the world

The look of words is dancing
in the light of her eyes

The lips of the book quench their thirst
in hers only hands

The glimpses of meanings illuminate
on the edge of her look

As the girl writes forever
the reading of her soul
to the voice of a word that just
has loved her hands 

Yannis Politopoulos