A look filled with secrets

In the succession of the seasons
her gaze travels the seas of joy

In exchange of words
lips touche the coming of love

The movement of her dreams
a  caress leads the light to the beaches of sight

Because this look fascinates the light
loving the simplicity of love
whitch from the eyes of the girl travels to eternity

Yannis Politopoulos

At the beginning of a deep friendship

Under the presence of faint light
a music of children words
revives the coming of friendship

Unexpected joy seals sweets
lips of children ignoring even
the dreams that once talked about their lives

Because it is the look that seals
the coming of the future that just now
embarks on the eternal journey in the eyes of children

Since everlasting is the love of childhood friends
once embraced together the common gaze
of an unexpected teenage joy

Yannis Politopoulos