In an infinity of dreams

Between the lips of the words
a dream is born
to children's eyes

But a small ray of light
refuses to embrace the dream life
until the final coming of dreams

Because everyone knows that
no kiss warms eternity
without the agreement of rain

And only the sun embraces
the lips of thoughts
ignoring the power of random emotions

Always the kiss is clear
which is born of words
to touch the life of thoughts
between the lips and the dreams of children

Yannis Politopoulos

In the succession of moments

In the embrace of a word
a woman begins her long journey
in the space of love

Desires that grew
in the arms of her dreams
devotes a kiss on her

And sometimes
the moon spreads his words
to the lips of teenagers who fall in love

Because there is always a word
which all lips love

Yannis Politopoulos

The light of my words

to my wife Vania,

I saw you beautiful
in the morning light
of my dreams
ready to kiss
the beggining and the end
of love
full of madness
for that old fire 
that burns the desire 
of my heart

Yannis Politopoulos

A dream full of gracefulness

In the deep sea
of life
my words laying 
in a mystic dream
of destiny

With the edges of a real dream
the words can take me
in the sea of a perfect life

And writing the names
of my friends
in the sea of their dreams
I can imagine their reality
like it is mine
in the sea of my words

Yannis Politopoulos