The closed lips

A sweet unnamed memory
rises on the edge of her look
smiling to a teenage fairytale

A random photo
captures an emotional moment
which does not named yet

A sunny silence
seals her lips with an unknown word
which grows like a kiss in gestation

So a brunette beauty
shall worn this summer
just like the storm of her femininity
that lights the candle of love after the last word
of the poem that will open her lips 

Yannis Politopoulos

The strange summer

Hours and hours 
a girl inspires the light.

Nights and nights
a girl touches his mind

Days and days
the sea laughs 
at her lips.

Years and years
the invisible world
creates her secrets.

But mainly
during the summer
an unknown kiss
balances her hope for tommorow

Because a boy
- somewhere in her wild absence - 
writes her name with a drop of blood
into the eyes of his silence

Yannis Politopoulos