The intimation of femininity

Her eyes
full of unprotected myths

Her lips
full of unexpected words

Her time
made only for her dreams

Her inner life 
coincidentally made of blue waves 
that smile
in the mysterious lights of the unexpected

It seems that the art of nature
focused only on her existance

Yannis Politopoulos

The Hellenic drama

(A poem written in English
with Greek words)

In agony
to apologize

In the hysteria
of our prophetic epitaph

The ecstasy
of the economic ideology
organizes the throne
of misery

But poetry always
embarks to
her lyrical rhythm 
without jealousy
for her expatriation 

Yannis Politopoulos

Sudden love

Under the eyelids 
of a female silence
a boy is giving a gentle kiss 
on a girl's veins
exactly there 
where her whole life rolls
as a whole of dreams, desires 
and nightly waitings

Because there is always
a sudden meeting
between eyes and lips
in the beggining of spring's life
just like the god of youth always wanted

Yannis Politopoulos