The school of friendship

How many beautiful things
hide the eyes of children

like the open window of spring

like the sunbeams that shade the silence

like the thresholds of a winter caress

like the eternal faith in the reality of dreams

and things
like the final p of friendship

because friendship is a trip
farthest than a trip around the world

Yannis Politopoulos

In the middle of the road

As a child walking in the future
discovering life and meanings
- without being aware of -
the words of an anonymous God filming her footsteps
and writing in the book of her intangible emotions
what she is going to meet
in the next corner during the coming of Spring 

Because there is always something more
than a simple photo
especially when a human being
has the power of a sixteen years old passion 

And that is a blue sea of words
and a pirate-sun that will be rising through the eyes of a child
until the child will meet the first smile of God

Yannis Politopoulos

First love under the sun of Aegean

Put your hand
- said the boy to the girl -
on the white paper
to engrave there
between your fingers
a spring-love

And the girl 
- in silence -
put her hand
- bare of jeweleries -
to the white paper of dreams
waiting the kiss of his writing
to decorate with a kiss of words
their first love forever

Yannis Politopoulos